Sen. Boxer: Comey Committed "October Betrayal"


Sen. Barbara Boxer of California calls FBI Director James Comey's decision to make public his renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton an "October betrayal."

SEN. BARBARA BOXER (D-CA): I think that’s just plain wrong. Mr. Comey, who Democrats supported when he came in has a wonderful record in the past. Has really not just leveled an October surprise, I call it an October betrayal of long-standing FBI protocol, and Department of Justice protocol that you don’t weigh in with something like this a few days away from an election.

For about nine years I’ve been the chairman or vice chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, and in a bipartisan basis, we just do not even answer complaints if it’s within 60 days of an election. Why hasn’t he stepped out and given us an interim report whether Donald Trump is involved with the Russian hacking, when he actually called on them to do it. Why hasn’t he done that? Why hasn’t he gotten back on the prosecution of the Wall Street people? So it’s not fair.

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