Bill Kristol: Trump Should Pledge To Serve One Term


Bill Kristol advises Trump to do something to "make himself a little more acceptable" to voters. From Monday's On the Record with host Brit Hume:

BILL KRISTOL: I think that Trump still -- I don't know that he could quite win by just letting the damage happen very gradually to Hillary Clinton, assuming that nothing, that Comey doesn't release anything in the next week.

I guess if I were advising the Trump campaign not my usual mode by why not. I still he has to do something to make himself a little more acceptable to the very-nervous-about-Trump swing voters. I said this actually a few weeks ago with you. I still think a one term pledge would make a difference for Trump in the way it wouldn't for anyone else. He could say, look, you want 8 more years of this real sleaze in the White House. We had it already. You don't want it back again. You have concerns about me. So let me say this. One term. I'm going to appoint an Attorney General who is totally respected bipartisan judicial type or maybe a Democrat who I don't know who is not loyal to me. I will never interfere with the work of that Attorney General.

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