Stephanopoulos to Kellyanne Conway: How Is Clinton Email Scandal "Worse Than Watergate?"


On ABC's 'This Week,' former Clinton chief of staff George Stephanopoulos challenges Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway over the Republican candidate's assertion that the Clinton email scandal is "worse than Watergate."

He asks: "How is it worse than Watergate?"

"Watergate was a criminal conspiracy led by the president of the United States that had 48 people plead guilty," he noted.

GEORGE STPHANOPOULOS, ABC: Your boss seems pretty energized by all this. He's called this email investigation worse than Watergate.

How is it worse than Watergate?

CONWAY: He just sees that there's this constant cloud of corruption that follows Hillary Clinton around. And for the FBI to make this remarkable move 11 days before the election means there must be something there.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But Watergate was a criminal conspiracy led by the president of the United States that had 48 people plead guilty.

CONWAY: Well, but -- but, George, and if you look at what's happened with Hillary Clinton and two FBI investigations this year, what Jim Comey did in July, on July 5, he said we declined prosecute her. And then he went on to give us all the list of reasons why she should have been...

STEPHANOPOULOS: But he didn't bring a prosecution. He said no reasonable person...

CONWAY: That's right. He said...

STEPHANOPOULOS: -- would prosecute this.

CONWAY: -- that and then he, as a reasonable person, went through the whole list on July 5 in his very public statement of how reckless and careless she was.

And then two days later, under oath in front of Congress, Jim Comey went through the whole list of contradictions of Hillary Clinton's own words.

There was not just one device, there were 13. She did, in fact, exchange classified national security information.

So he undercut his own premise and he certainly undercut what Secretary Clinton has had.

But look, I think for the voters at this stage, this plays right into their reluctance about Hillary Clinton anyway. In your own ABC polling, where the race is virtually tied, a third of likely voters say that this will make them less likely to vote for Hillary Clinton.

So there is political currency attached to this. I would also remark, in your polls, something that's -- that's truly incredible, whereas Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama on the (INAUDIBLE) of who cares more about people like you, 82-18, Trump and Clinton are tied. She's not seen as empathetic and compassionate.

And I think issues like this, where people are reminded that she has put the national security at risk just for her peevish personal reasons, is very troubling for her.

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