Giuliani: There Is Enough Evidence Now For A RICO Case Against Clinton Foundation For "Racketeering"


Saturday evening on Fox News Channel's 'Justice with Jeanine Pirro' former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani suggested that a grand jury already has enough evidence, from WikiLeaks and the FBI, to charge "Clinton Incorporated" with racketeering under the RICO laws that were originally designed to go after the mafia.

"I was shocked, back in July," Giuliani said about FBI Director James Comey's recommendation against charges for Clinton. "He laid out almost a prosecutorial memo and then came to a conclusion that he shouldn't come to--that the Justice Department should--that she shouldn't be indicted."

"A special prosecutor should be appointed. A special prosecutor --a non-Republican, non-Democrat-- should redo this whole investigation. And Obama should be requred to promise he is not going to pardon any of these Clinton Incorporated-- I think it's a racketeering enterprise honestly," he said.

"I have a whole bunch of statutes they've violated," he said. "This is racketeering. This is a RICO statute--Clinton, Inc. I think it was one of the WikiLeaks that said this was 'Clinton Inc.' He does the speeches, they put the money in the pocket, she does the favors in the government. It all links up. Why did they destroy 33,000 emails? Because it shows the link."

"Whatever caused this [FBI announcement] is something very serious," he concluded.

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