Former FBI Asst. Director: "Something Big Is About To Happen" In Clinton Case


On Saturday night's edition of 'Justice With Jeanine Pirro,' former FBI assistant director James Kallstrom told the Fox News host that he thinks "something big is going to happen" with regard to the investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails.

He also says that he suspects internal disagreements within the FBI forced Director Comey to act so suddenly in the final weeks before the election. "I think he couldn’t hold onto it any longer," Kallstrom said. "Because who knows? Maybe the locals would have stepped in on this." By "locals," Kallstrom is referring to the New York branch of the FBI, which is capable of acting relatively independently.

JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS: Do you think that [FBI director James] Comey is going to do something now?

JAMES KALLSTROM, FBI (RET.): I think there's something happening. People are asking me what is this about. I think something big is going to happen. I don’t know what it is. It’s just my gut feeling.

PIRRO: In the next ten days [before the election]?

KALLSTROM: Yeah, I think so.

PIRRO: So he wouldn’t have come out unless he knew it was coming out?

KALLSTROM: Well, I think he couldn’t hold onto it any longer. OK. Because who knows? Maybe the locals would have stepped in on this.

PIRRO: New York City [branch of the FBI] would have done it? That's my take.

KALLSTROM: Who knows. And then [Comey] would really be in the doghouse.

PIRRO: He'd be embarrassed. I think he had to do it.

Watch the full interview below:

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