CNN Reporter On Clinton's Plane: She Learned About FBI Reopening Case At The Same Time Media Did


CNN's Phil Mattingly speaks to anchor Wolf Blitzer from Hillary Clinton's campaign plane just moments after news broke that the FBI was reopnening its investigation into her private email server.

"The plane did not have wi-fi during the entire fight," he reported. "So you have senior advisors, as well as Hillary Clinton on the plane, and as the plane landed they were finding out about this as we were landing. I had one advisor tell me, 'we're learning about that at the same time you guys are.' They didn't have advanced notice of this, they seem similarly stunned and we saw them huddling, we've been waiting for Hillary Clinton to deplane to go to that first event in Cedar Rapids, as of now she has not. It appears all of the advisors were on conference calls as we were getting off the plane. It is just important to note, they were clearly not aware of this in advance, as this news was breaking and Hillary Clinton and the top advisors were on their way to Iowa, they didn't appear to know until we touched down in Cedar Rapids."

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"She's expected to speak in about 20 minutes," he continued. "She hasn't gotten off the plane yet. The reporters are waiting outside her plane right now to yell and see if she'll come over and say anything. Usually the deplaning process happens rather quickly, but it's worth noting her top advisors are on the plane, campaign manager Robby Mook, communications director Jen Palmieri, Huma Abedin, her close advisor is also on the plane right now. They have not deplaned yet. Still waiting far to happen, waiting to see if they will have reaction. I think the takeaway is they had no idea this was coming so they're trying to formulate a response right now."

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