Ron Fournier: Clinton Used Secret Server To Protect "Circle Of Enrichment"


'Morning Joe' regular Ron Fournier comments on the Washington Post story this week: Inside ‘Bill Clinton Inc.’: Hacked memo reveals intersection of charity and personal income

The story details a 13-page memo from Bill Clinton aide Doug Band released by WikiLeaks, which discusses a "circle of enrichment" of top-tier corporations involved with the Clinton Foundation.

RON FOURNIER: I did a story when this scandal first broke in early 2015... and it was based on a person very close to the Clintons who I had known for a long time, who had worked for the Clintons for a long time, who was saying -- Get to the motive of why she had a secret server.

It was because, among the 'circle of enrichment,' that phrase that the Washington Post pulled up today, it was clear even then that there were already some connections between Doug Band and shaking down donors at the time. And this personwas saying this is really about the Foundation, it was not about the emails.

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