Michael Moore To Megyn: I Understand Why Trump Voters Are Angry; "The System Has Failed, But He Is Not The Solution"


Michael Moore promotes his new film TrumpLand on Megyn Kelly's FOX News show. Kelly talks to Moore about "human molotov cocktail" Donald Trump on Thursday's broadcast:

MEGYN KELLY: You're being duped, that's your argument. But why? What do you mean he's going to be the last president? He's going to blow up the world?

MICHAEL MOORE: What I'm saying is if we elect Donald Trump as president of this country, it won't be the same country after four years. I'm absolutely convinced of that. This is the most vile, disgusting candidate that has ever run for office in this country.

MEGYN KELLY: How can you say that? You understand the white working class.


MEGYN KELLY: You appeal to them time and time again.


MEGYN KELLY: You outline perfectly, they want him to blow things up. He's a human molotov cocktail.

MICHAEL MOORE: I'm here on FOX to appeal to people who are watching to not do that. I understand why you're angry. You have every right to be angry. The system has failed you. But he is not the solution to this. And I make the case in the film -- the film is sort of a humorous love poem to Hillary Clinton...

MEGYN KELLY: You speak about the people in Ohio, in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin. And in your piece you talk at how they lost their jobs, 'They lost their homes, they had a divorce, now the wife and kids are gone, the car has been repoed, they haven't had a real vacation in years. They are stuck with the crappy Obamacare Bronze care. They can't even get an f'n percocet.'

They want change and they don't see it in Hillary Clinton!

MICHAEL MOORE: Well, they should because she will make this better. She's the proponent of universal health care, she's been that way for 25 years. Obamacare will get better under her. Remember, the real problem about Obamacare is not the Obama part of it, it's that the private insurance companies are still calling the shots. They get to raise the rates. There's no control like there is over Medicare and things that the government has a say in. Obamacare was only a halfway measure. We'll get the rest of it under Hillary Clinton. She's going to do so many things to raise the minimum wage, she's going to do things that will help equality for women.

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