Star Jones: Gingrich, Giuliani, Christie "Trifecta Of Misogyny"; "Bill Clinton Was Punished For His Behavior"


Star Jones reacted to Newt Gingrich's contentious interview with Megyn Kelly on her FOX News Channel show Wednesday night. Jones talked to CNN's Don Lemon:

DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: Now, I want to bring in Star Jones, the president of The Professional Diversity Network.

STAR JONES, PRESIDENT, THE PROFESSIONAL DIVERSITY NETWORK: Don, I’m sorry. I was clutching pearls watching that. I was sitting here going, oh really, Newt? Really Newt?

LEMON: What did you make of that?

JONES: Really, Newt?

I mean, between Newt Gingrich, Giuliani and Chris Christie, they’ve got like the trifecta of misogyny. And then you got Newt Gingrich up here who -- didn’t he leave his wife while she was dying to marry the next wife? Give me a break, Newt.

Maybe you -- pot, meet kettle.

LEMON: And the strategy though for fighting was, you know, Megyn Kelly again, and sort of, you know, saying that Bill Clinton is going to be back in but he’s not on the ballot.

JONES: You know, first of all, Bill Clinton was an extremely good president and more importantly, the country was in a very good position when he actually walked away. And also, Bill Clinton was punished for his behavior. Everyone --

LEMON: Newt Gingrich was there. He was speaker of the House.

JONES: Yes. And he was doing his own stuff at the time. You know, it’s always fascinating to me, one, when they like to throw President Clinton’s behavior in Secretary Clinton’s face, I’ve never seen anything like it before in my entire career, of watching a woman have to defend the behavior of her husband, because she chose to make her marriage work. That is just outrageous.

And again, it speaks of the sexism and the misogyny in this election.

LEMON: OK. So, you -- listen, I know that you’ve been out there on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton. She’s had a strong few weeks winning all the debates, but taking blows on Obamacare and the WikiLeaks from her staffers and you know that question was part of the questioning from Megyn and Newt.

Are you concerned that those controversies get Trump some momentum heading into these last two weeks?

JONES: You know, I thought we would be concerned if he knew how to stay on message, if Trump knew how to make the most of an argument against Secretary Clinton, by using some of the things that have been put on the news. But Trump’s own arrogance gets in the way. It’s as if he steps on his own tongue regularly.

There are a number of things that came out of his so-called policy speech at Gettysburg that most of the reporters were saying were real positive things. But the vast majority of the coverage had to do with him basically saying, for the first 100 days of my administration, the Trump administration, I’d be going after people who ticked me off.

That tells you that he doesn’t have the temperament to be president. He doesn’t have the temperament to run for president. If you can’t stay focused enough to focus on what people out there actually care about, their own lives, their healthcare, their education for their children, businesses that they can build, if you can stay focused enough to put that in your speech, you can’t be president.

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