Joan Walsh: "Secret Clinton Voters" More Likely Than "Secret Trump Voters"


Joan Walsh dismisses the idea of 'secret Trump voters' but believes "it really is possible" that there are 'secret Clinton voters.' Wednesday afternoon on MSNBC:

TAMRON HALL, MSNBC: Marie Claire has an article that features evangelical voters in Iowa who won't admit that they want to vote for Hillary Clinton. And there was a headline, The Trump Supporters Who Are Secretly Voting for Hillary. One woman says, 'I just don't have the emotional energy to go there especially with other Christians.'

Another one is quoted saying, 'For a long time, the Republican party has been viewed as the only acceptable choice. It's just not worth the capital for me to support Clinton in a visible context,' but secretly these women will go in to vote for Hillary Clinton.

JOAN WALSH, THE NATION: I think that's fascinating.

TAMRON HALL: It is fascinating.

JOAN WALSH: I think it really is possible that we're going to see "secret Clinton voters" rather than these "secret Trump voters."

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