Donald Trump: President Obama Is Now Caught Up In Hillary Clinton's Lies About Her Email Server


Donald Trump ties President Obama into the Hillary Clinton email server scandal based on this email from WikiLeaks showing Clinton campaign staff trying to "clean up" the fact that Obama had corresponded with the illegal server that he claimed to have "no knowledge" of. President Obama previously claimed to have found out about it on the news.

"We need to clean this up - he has emails from her - they do not say," top Clinton aide Cherryl Mills wrote to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta in a 2015 email released by WikiLeaks.

"Here's another beauty -- a breaking news story," Trump said at a rally in Florida on Tuesday. "One of the most shocking revelations to date. As you may remember, President Obama claimed to have no knowledge whatsoever of Clinton's illegal email server -- 'I have no knowledge, no knowledge' -- This guy. He's as bad as she is," Trump said about the president.

"That means Obama is now into the act," Trump said. "And now Iunderstand how, despite his hatred of the Clintons... now I understand why he pushed her. He didn't want to get caught up in the big lie. He's caught up now!"

Watch the rest of Trump's speech below:

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