Chris Matthews: Trump Is Channelling "Baghdad Bob" With Claims He Is Winning


MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews draws comparisons to "Baghdad Bob" when discussing Donald Trump's effort to make the case that the polls are wrong, and he is actually winning the presidential election.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC: Something has changed. This campaign feels very differently than a week or two ago. Now it feels like the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is over. Hillary's going to win. Will the former Secretary of State be joined in the morning after [by] headlines with a Senate take over as well?

A big number up there on the front page telling how many seats in the House of Representatives the Democrats gain and the Republicans lost?

You can see it Pn Oresident obama's taunting of Rep. Darrell Issa, he of the perpetual investigation, the enduring probe of Democrats. You see it in the president's big push of Senate candidates wherever he goes. He doesn't want just a mandate for Hillary. He wants whopper.

Then there's 'Baghdad Bob' saying this isn't true. That the Republican candidate is well in the fight! Remember Baghdad Bob? He was the guy broadcasting from the Iraqi capital as the U.S. troops arrived to take over the city. Today the die hard voice coming from the Republican presidential campaign is that of the candidate himself. Baghdad Bob, meet Donald Trump.

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