Trump: "I Actually Think We're Winning," "Phony, Dark" Polls Are Trying To Suppress The Vote


At a "farmers roundtable" in Boynton Beach, Florida, Donald Trump slammed “dark” polls put out by “phony” media organizations with the intention to demorazile his voters. The GOP nominee claimed the media is trying to suppress the vote with polls that are heavily weighted with Democrats. He said, "we’re actually winning," citing polls by Rasmussen and Investor’s Business Daily.

"The truth is, I think we're winning," Trump said. "We're up in Ohio, we're up in Iowa, we're doing great in North Carolina. I think we're going to win Florida big. What they do is they show these phony polls... heavily weighted with Democrats. And then they put on a poll where we're not winning, it is a heavily weighted poll with Democrats, like the ABCphony poll that just came out. It's a totally phony poll. But the polls that mean something, the polls that have been accurate over the years, we're leading by two nationally. Watch the polls, because this is part of the crooked, rigged system. I understand it... They put out phony polls."\

Trump specifically targeted the WSJ/NBC poll, which as of Sunday showed Trump down 10 points. "The Wall Street Journal always," has me losing, he said. "I've never had-- I thought I was going to lose South Carolina in the primaries because they came out with a poll that was so bad. I actually skipped a certain amount of work in other locations in order to stay there and I ended up winning in a landslide."

"These are, they call them dark polls. Phony polls put out by phony media, and I'll tell you what. All of us are affected by this. They're trying to supress the vote so people don't come out and vote. But I'll tell you what, we're winning this race."

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