Trump Campaign Adviser Scolds CNN for "Dishonest... Heavily Edited... Nonsense" Reporting, Polling Methodology


Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller began a segment on CNN on Monday by scolding the network for the "dishonest" intro package they played as an introduction, and also strongly criticized the network's polling methodology, calling it "clearly flawed" and "not realistic."

"That piece from Jim Acosta was one of the most heavily-edited, most dishonest intro packages I’ve probably ever had set up… Everything from Kellyanne’s words to the description of what’s going on in the race was just nonsense," he told anchor Wolf Blitzer at the beginning of his interview before moving on to his complaints about the CNN poll.

"We're doing fantastic," he said about the Trump campaign in general. "We're ahead in Rasmussen, ahead in the IBD poll, this race is dead even. And even in the CNN poll that came out [Monday], it is the same margin that it was the last time CNN/ORC had a national survey. But second... One thing is, if you look at the gender gap between men and women between Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton -- it is exactly the same place that it was for Obama and Romney [in 2012]. When you look at the men-- nobody, it is not believable to think hat Mr. Trump is only ahead by three points among men... Or to think that [Clinton] is ahead on terrorism, immigration, or Supreme Court. That is just not realistic."

Wolf Blitzer presses Miller, asking if it is fair to admit that Trump has said he is "somewhat behind."

"Let me tell you where he is behind, Wolf," Miller said. "Where he is behind is in Pennsylvania, he is behind slightly in Michigan. There are these blue states where Mr. Trump has put into play, and we get zero credit for doing so. Let me tell you where we're leading: Places like Iowa, which has been blue the last couple of cycles, we're leading in Ohio. There's probably a tied race in North Carolina, we might be slightly ahead there. We're leading in Florida --we're in the margin in that state, and actually we're ahead in [early voting] at the moment. So we feel like we're winning this race."

Wolf Blitzer responds: "Based on all the scientific polls, that CNN and other major news organizations use (not the other unscientific polls) this is our information: Trump is ahead in Iowa, Ohio, and Georgia. Yes he is ahead in those three states, but the last time he was ahead in the floowing states was a while ago, based on the polls that we accept. Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia. In the polls that we accept as scientific, and legitimate, right now Hillary Clinton is either slightly ahead or significantly ahead in those three states."

"Wolf, I push back on that," Miller said. "I don’t believe that CNN or any other news organization can simply play voice of God on this, and decide which polls are acceptable and which ones are not. In the primary, almost every single poll undercounted Mr. Trump's support, and he won with huge margins... We think we're right on the edge in Pennsylvania, look at Michigan. Don't just listen to me, look at where Secretary Clinton has been spending her time. She was on the trail with Sen. Kaine this weekend. Were they in a purple state or a red state? No. They were in Pennsylvania doing two different events trying to gin up their base. Look where they're going this week. Iowa. A blue state where we're actually leading."

"I think the sampling was clearly flawed," Miller said about this week's CNN poll. "There's no way that Mr. Trump is only ahead by three points with male voters, there's no way that Hillary Clinton is leading in some of these categories. The one thing that even despite the flawed methodology and flawed sampling that they did get right, is that Mr. Trump is leading with voters who are concerned about the economy."

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