Tom Bevan: Republican Senate Candidates Relying On Split Ticket


On Monday's 'Morning Joe' on MSNBC, RCP co-founder Tom Bevan reviews Senate races where Republican candidates are leading and responds to Washington Post editor Fred Hiatt's piece: Believe Rubio Post-Trump At Your Own Risk

"This is the big problem for Republicans," he said about the division described in Hiatt's piece. "You have tens of millions of voters who voted for Donald Trump in the primary who disagree with that and support Donald Trump on the question of trade, and on the question of him saying that our foreign policy has been disastrous, both from a Republican standpoint and a Democratic standpoint. You're going to have 40-50 million people that will turn out and vote for this guy in two weeks, and if he loses, there will be recriminations within the party. There will have to be a reckoning among folks that hold Fred Hiatt's view opposed to those who agree with Donald Trump on some of these big issues that have fueled his campaign."

About Republican Senate candidates running ahead of Donald Trump, he said: "Historically speaking, it's a hard ask to have Senate candidates run six, seven, eight points better than the top of the ticket. It's really, really hard. It doesn't happen very often, historically speaking. I think Pat Toomey is in the same boat [as Marco Rubio]. As Donald Trump has lost ground in those Philly suburbs with college-educated white women, Pat Toomey needs those voters. He's going to have to have them split the ticket for him. If they vote for Hillary Clinton, or don't vote at the top of the ticket, [Toomey] needs them to vote for him to pull this out. It's a tough ask."

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