RNC Strategist Sean Spicer: Trump Is "Winning Where It Counts"


RNC Chief Strategist and Communications Director Sean Spicer discusses Donald Trump's recent claims his campaign is winning the presidential election.

"When you look at the battleground states -- Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada -- where it matters, yeah we're winning. And I think we've got a path to 270 that's going to put [Trump] in the White House on November 8. Again, the other thing is you look at states where you can start to see some evidence of that: Florida, we're up over the Democrats in the early votes, not just the absentee ballots requested, but returned. Same thing in Iowa and Ohio, where traditionally we don't do as well in early votes. You see actually a consolodation of where we've been in the past. It is a much closer race for us, we do so well on election day."

"If you take Florida, Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina, and add in New Hampshire and Maine -2 (areas I think we're doing very well in) that takes us over the 270 mark," Spicer said. "Not one of those states is not in the margin of error, and we feel very good about our data, where we are, and our voter targeting. We know exactly what we're doing... With all due respect to the polls, I know where we are datawise, and I feel very good."

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