Byron York: Enthusiasm Among Republican Voters Has Gone Down


Fox News contributor Byron York comments on RCP's decision to move Texas, Georgia and Arizona into the 'toss-up state' column.

BYRON YORK: These are states that you would expect to be heavily Republican -- especially Texas and Georgia -- and they're not. Trump has a lead, but not a very big lead.

I think what has happened is, when you look after the Access Hollywood tape, after the answer at the debate in which he wouldn't promise to accept the results of the election, enthusiasm among Republican voters has gone down. They're telling pollsters they are not as excited as they were, specifically about Donald Trump.

The problem for Trump is Republicans who supported somebody else in the Republican primaries, but then when Trump clinched the nomination they decided to support him. They were going to support the party's nominee. That's getting a little harder for them now.

The enthusiasm to vote appears to be going down.

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