Jonah Goldberg on Trump's Gettysburg Address: I Don't Remember Lincoln Calling Women Accusing Him Of Groping Liars


'National Review' columnist Jonah Goldberg comments on Donald Trump's self-styled 'Gettysburg Address' on Saturday.

JONAH GOLDBERG, THE NATIONAL REVIEW: Well, this is sort of the problem. I -- I agree entirely with Matt that the debate was the sort of pivotal moment. But it also is based upon the sort of mistaken understanding of Donald Trump. There's always been this myth that he could pivot. You know, he said in the primaries that come the general election, I'm going to pivot. I'm going to be so presidential.

It was all untrue. And what we saw in the debates was that he's incapable of staying on message and being a disciplined candidate. It's an Aesopian thing.

The -- the scorpion has to sting the frog, because that's what scorpions do. Donald Trump has to be Donald Trump because that's what he is.

He's trying to invoke "The Gettysburg Address" and... he spends the first 10 minutes talking about how all these women are lying. I don't remember Lincoln talking about how all the women who accused him of groping him, you know, were liars. It's -- it's a very strange thing.

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