Eric Trump: Polls Are Wrong, "You Can't Go 500 Yards Without Seeing A Trump Sign"


ABC's George Stephanopoulos asks Donald Trump's son Eric if he is "living in a bubble of his own support." Eric Trump says no.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you saw that poll, down double digits, 12 points in our tracking poll. And it shows the arguments your father is making right now are not working.

So how do you turn this around in the next two weeks?

TRUMP: Look, I don't give much credence to "The Washington Post" polls, right?

Before the Florida primary, they said that we were only winning the state by 6. We ended up winning the state by close to 20 points, actually, over 20 points. So, again, "The Washington Post" polls, I don't give a lot of credence to.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The polling average shows about a 7 to 8...

TRUMP: Look at the "L.A. Times" poll. We're up by 2 points. The "IBD" Poll, we're up by 2 points. The Rasmussen, we're up by a few points.

So, you know, the polls are all over the place. And, in fact, there was a poll, and it was a Reuters Poll that came out this morning. There was two states, Minnesota and Michigan that were within the margin of error. I mean these states haven't been run -- won by a Republican in 30 years, so...

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you don't think you're fighting from behind right now?

TRUMP: Maybe -- listen, maybe, but I can tell you, when I'm on the ground, the amount of love out there is -- is incredible. The amount of Democrats that I have coming up to me every single day and saying I've been a Democrat my entire life, my entire family is made up of Democrats, we're coming out and voting for you, and then I look at the backup of some of these polls, including the poll that you just showed two seconds ago and it's showing that we're only getting 4 percent -- 4 percent Democratic support. I mean we're getting the -- the union votes, we're getting the law enforcement votes. I mean so many of these votes had always traditionally gone to the Democratic Party and I can tell you, we're getting 90 percent of those votes?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Most polls do show most Democrats going for Hillary Clinton right now.

Do you think you might be living in a bubble of your own support?

TRUMP: No -- I don't think so at all. Honestly, -- look at last night. I'll give you a perfect example. Look at last night. He was in Cleveland. He had 10,000 people in Cleveland. You know, Hillary and -- and Tim Kaine, they were in Pennsylvania. They had 600 people in a gym. I mean the -- the enthusiasm levels are just totally -- totally off the charts.

And, George, the amount of people I have come up to me every single day saying I haven't voted in 50 years, I'm embarrassed to say that -- they always start with, I'm embarrassed to say this to you, Mr. Trump, but I haven't voted for -- in 50 years and I'm coming out and I'm voting for your father because I believe he's going to change the country and I believe we don't need another career politician in -- in the Oval Office. I heard that all day every day.

And those people aren't on the voter rolls.

So, listen, I think we're going to do very well and I -- I really believe we're going to win this.

STEPHANOPOULOS: There were times this week when your father appeared pretty irritated. He got those blues at the Al Smith Dinner.

How are his spirits?

TRUMP: Oh, amazing. I think incredible. And listen, my father is an amazing fighter and what he's already accomplished is nothing short of remarkable. He's fought maybe the greatest political machine in the history of the world, which, you know, one that you obviously know better than anyone. He's fought, quite frankly, the entire mainstream media, who is always, you know, who's always counted him out, never thought he could do this, who's always put him down whether it be the primaries or -- or now.

He's fought super PAC money the likes of which has never been seen before.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So he wins no matter what happens on election day?

TRUMP: To me, as a son, he wins no matter what. I mean I'm so incredibly proud. I mean he's carried the weight of this country for the last 18 months. I happen to think we're going to win. I mean when I'm in these states -- and I just came back from North Carolina and I just came back from Ohio -- I mean you can't drive, George, 500 yards without seeing another Trump sign. You don't see a single Hillary sign. I mean the enthusiasm differential between the two candidates is just -- it -- it's not even -- it's not even close. And I think you're going to see that on election day.

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