Eric Trump On Voter Fraud: Dead Still On Voter Rolls, Double Registrations, Noncitizens Registered


STEPHANOPOULOS: You'd get pilloried, there's no question about that.

Talking about the debate, you know, your father did not, on Wednesday night, say that he would accept the election results.

Is he now prepared to say that he will accept a clear result unequivocally?

TRUMP: He didn't say he wouldn't accept it, either. He said -- my father will accept it 100 percent if it's fair -- if it's fair. You've got 24 --

STEPHANOPOULOS: What does that mean exactly?

TRUMP: You have 24 million voters in this country; one in eight that are misregistered (sic) to vote, meaning information is inaccurate. You have 2 million people on the voter rolls right now that are dead. This is Pew Research. This came out last week.

You have 3 million people in this country right now that are registered in multiple states; 14 percent of all noncitizens in this country are registered to vote.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But there's scant evidence that that has actually affected any elections. I'm just trying to say -- are you setting the groundwork here to say that the --


TRUMP: -- 3 million people, I mean these are real numbers, especially when swing states --

STEPHANOPOULOS: That seems like you're suggesting that the outcome is unfair no matter what happens.

TRUMP: I think what my father is saying is I want a fair election. I want a fair election. You see the media pile on; 94 percent of all contributions that have gone to the campaigns have gone to the Hillary campaign from the media, meaning when the media donates their money, 94 percent of that has gone to the Clinton campaign.

We've gotten less than 6 percent of it. I mean, you see -- you see this bias, right, and you see these numbers. You see, again, 2 million people that are dead, that are on the voter rolls in the various states. Some of these states are being won by --


STEPHANOPOULOS: -- 5- or 6-point win for Hillary Clinton, he'll accept it?

TRUMP: Listen, if it's a fair outcome, he will absolutely accept it. There's no question about it.

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