Chuck Todd to Tim Kaine: "Why Shouldn't The Public Look At These WikiLeaks Emails?"


'Meet The Press' host Chuck Todd grills Democratic vice presidential candidate about the Clinton campaign's "blanket statement" that they are not going to respond to accusations from WikiLeaks.

CHUCK TODD, MEET THE PRESS: I want to go to the hacked e-mails, Wikileaks. I know you guys have a blanket statement here, you don't want to respond to them because you don't believe that they have all been confirmed. But there has been out of 25,000 some e-mails released, I think there's only been a dispute about two or three. Why shouldn't the public look at these WikiLeaks e-mails and have it be something that informs them about Secretary Clinton?

TIM KAINE: Well, you know, Chuck, again, these are connected to a Russian government propaganda effort to destabilize the election, to affect the outcome of the election.

CHUCK TODD: Does that change what's in the e-mails?

KAINE:The motive for them is very, very important for Americans to understand. This is near historic, and then the one that has referred to me was flat out completely incorrect. So I don't know whether it was doctored, or whether the person sending it didn't know what they were talking about. But clearly, I think there's a capacity for much of the information in them to be wrong.

TODD: As you know, I want to bring up a Politico story, the headline is: WikiLeaks Poisons Hillary's Relationship With The Left. 'We were already kind of suspicious of where Hillary's instincts were, but now we see she is who we thought she was,' said one ifluential Democratic operative. 'The honeymoon is going to be tight and small and maybe nonexistent.'

Is it fair for progressives to look at these e-mails and have some doubts about Secretary Clinton's electioneering switches?

KAINE: I don't think so. This is a historic election if we're able to win, it will be America, you know, moving one step closer to our equality ideal. Making history, which is what we do, and that should be a cause for excitement.

Look, we are all going to have to come together, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, because the nation has serious challenges that we have to tackle together.

I was with Hillary at two great rallies today. She laid it on in terms of her own views. But she said at the end of the day, if I am president, I have to be president for everybody and we've got to reach out to everybody to craft an agenda that will work in all parts of this country.

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