A.B. Stoddard: Trump Is "Speaking To The Choir," Only Motivating His Base


RCP associate editor and columnist responds to Donald Trump's latest speeches and who he is trying to appeal to with them.

"He's sticking with his script instead of just free-associating, but the script is speaking to the choir. It is basically the same message to his enthusiastic followers, it is not really an attempt to grow his support in the general electorate, in these final weeks when he is so far behind Hillary Clinton in the polls. He's talked about the 'babies' and 'losers' who run things in Washington. He said if he got elected after they chanted, 'lock her up,' that he might have some options. So he's making them very motivated and mobilized, and they're going to vote for him," she said about Trump's appeal to his base. "He needs more than his base, as we know, that's why Hillary has such a lead right now in the polls."

"If the election were held right now, she would win big, but there is still time for anything to happen. There will be emails released from the State Dept. [Friday] and Friday, November 4. Lord knows what will surfacing in the WikiLeaks returns, so I just think anything can happen," she said. "But he is in a very bad place if you look at the polls."

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