'Special Report' Current Electoral Map: "Blowout" For Clinton, 334 to 204


Special Report host Bret Baier gives an electoral scorecard map based on current polls. In the scorecard Clinton would beat Trump 307-181 with 50 toss-up electoral votes.

Baier offered a 'What If' scenario map, which gives states to the leader of polls in that state even if they have a razor-thin margin. As of Friday night, Baier said Trump would win Georgia, he wins Iowa and he wins Ohio. The rest of the states go Democratic -- Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida.

"That is an electoral blowout," Baier said.

The final result: 334 to 204.

Baier then compared the trend of presidential polls, using Brexit polling as an example.

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