Tom Friedman: 'WikiHillary For President,' Clinton's Pragmatism Reflected In Leaked Wall Street Speeches


On MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' on Friday, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman makes the case that the WikiLeaks revelations about her should make people more excited to vote for Hillary Clinton. In his column, titled 'WikiHillary for President,' Friedman said the e-mails show "someone with a vision" and "pragmatic approach."

TOM FRIEDMAN, NEW YORK TIMES: The opinions she holds, as reflected in those speeches [before Wall Street banks] -- and there were many of them, there wasn't just one speech -- is where the Democratic Party should be. I think it is the right balance between entrepreneurship and regulation... It seems to be where the center-left of the Democratic Party, and where the Joe Scarborough Republican Party is, there's not much difference.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Seriously? I can't go back to Pensacola now.

FRIEDMAN: It was interesting that one of the people Hillary brought to the last debate was Meg Whitman, the CEO of HP and former CEO of eBay. And that’s the center-right of the Republican Party.

And it seems to me there’s a whole group of Republicans now. If you think of the Republican Party, as a third, a third, a third. A third Breitbartish, a third evangelical, and a third sort of modern progressive Republicans, you know, business orientated.

That last third there, Joe, they're completely at sea. They’re going to be looking for a party to join after this election. And they’re a significant body. And the question to me is will Hillary be open to them in a sense on her right and bring them in and create a new center in this country or will those people basically be left orphaned?

From Friedman's column in the Times:

I confess, I was starting to wonder about what the real Hillary Clinton — the one you never get to see behind closed doors — really stood for. But now that, thanks to WikiLeaks, I’ve had a chance to peruse her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other banks, I am more convinced than ever she can be the president America needs today.

Seriously, those speeches are great! They show someone with a vision, a pragmatic approach to getting things done and a healthy instinct for balancing the need to strengthen our social safety nets with unleashing America’s business class to create the growth required to sustain social programs.

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