Trump: Donna Brazile Should Resign As DNC Chairwoman, Hillary Clinton Should Resign From Race


Donald Trump speaks about Donna Brazile reportedly feeding Hillary Clinton a debate question prior to a town hall event with Bernie Sanders during the Democratic presidential primary. Trump at a post-debate rally in Ohio Thursday afternoon:

DONALD TRUMP: It was just learned that Hillary Clinton was given the exact questions to a previous debate word for word by Donna Brazile who is now under tremendous pressure to resign from the DNC. As she should be.

She should resign. How can a woman do that? That is cheating at the highest level. But I ask you, why shouldn't Hillary Clinton resign from the race? She was given -- think of it. She was given these questions, she used these questions, studied the questions, got the perfect answer for the questions and never said that she did something that was totally wrong and inappropriate. Hence the name Crooked Hillary.

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