'The Young Turks' Reporter Challenges Donna Brazile's Russia Pivot


'The Young Turks' politics reporter Jordan Chariton pressed interim DNC chair Donna Brazile on her advancing the Clinton campaign a town hall question, as revealed by WikiLeaks.

"Sir, if you want to badger me like Donald Trump badgers women you're welcome to," Brazile said.

"Yes, a journalist asking you a question is badgering you," Chariton replied.

Instead of talking about the content of the emails, Brazile pivoted to naming Russia as being behind the leaks.

"The Democratic party was a victim of a cybercrime," Brazile explained, "And I don't peddle in the, what I call, illegal dumping of private emails in the public sphere that have been altered. That have been, in many case, readapted."

"I have never been privileged as long as I've been, not just a part of CNN...no one has ever, ever shared questions with any of us," she continued.

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