Schumer: Trump's "Tolerance" Of Racism Is "Poisonous To America"


In an interview with CNBC's John Harwood, New York Senator Chuck Schumer said Donald Trump's "tone-deaf" approach to racism is "toxic to America."

HARWOOD: You've known Donald Trump for a long time. He's been a donor of yours. Is this the person that you have always known or has something surprised you?

SCHUMER: Yes, but what's surprised me is more so. Everyone knew he had a big ego. Everyone knew that he would just sort of like to talk about himself. But the extreme of it surprised me.

HARWOOD: He likes to say that when he donates to politicians, he owns them, and they do what he wants. Did he own you?

SCHUMER: No. I don't recall him ever asking me for something.

HARWOOD: [Last Thursday], he was talking about a conspiracy to stop him. He used terms referring to Hillary Clinton and international bankers that some people have historically had associated with anti-Semitism.

SCHUMER: He is totally tone-deaf to what is racism, what is bigotry. I wouldn't accuse him of being a racist or bigot himself, but he tolerates it and uses it in ways. Whether he's aware or not, it's poisonous to America.

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