CNN's Wolf Blitzer Grills John Podesta About Clinton Wall Street Speeches, Calling Sanders A "Doofus"


Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, whose private G-Mail emails are currently being released by WikiLeaks, speaks with CNN's Wolf Blitzer about his view that the Russian government is behind the hack.

JOHN PODESTA: It should be a concern to every American that as the U.S. government, our intelligence sources, the department of homeland security , have indicated, these hacks are coming from Russian sources. They're in cahoots with people like Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks putting this out.

BLITZER: Do you believe the Russian government hacked your e-mail?

PODESTA: Yes. That's what I believe, and I think we have been informed by law enforcement sources that they're conducting this investigation as part of the broader investigation that they've taken the unprecedented step of the -- the director of national intelligence and director of homeland security have said are at their root Russian hacks. So... look, if this was about transparency they'd put them all out. They're dribbling them out because they want -- because the Russians are -- intervening in this election on behalf of Donald Trump, because Donald Trump has been someone who has basically taken every position that Vladimir Putin has, as opposed to the bipartisan group of -- of -- on both sides of the aisle, of people who have thought what's the issues of the United States. Marco Rubio said even this morning he wouldn't condone it, participate it, because he knows what's up. This is the Russians trying to interfere in our election.

BLITZER: Have any emails been doctored or accurate?

PODESTA: I'll only say this, Wolf. When this first came out it came out with a lie from Julian Assange saying when he first released these that I was a co-owner of the Podesta group. Factually, completely untrue. What is -- what is false, what is accurate --

BLITZER: Are the transcripts of speeches before Goldman Sachs. Are they accurate?

PODESTA: What I would say to that, Wolf, is we're not going to get into that, but what I would say is that she has said to people on Wall Street before the 2008 election, during the crisis, and during the speeches that they need to be held accountable. They cannot be allowed to let Wall Street wreck main street again. Put out the most aggressive Wall Street plan of any candidate. What does Donald Trump want to do? Repeal Dodd/Frank. She's been forward-leaning in saying they will regulate and be tough on Wall Street.

BLITZER: And she says, according to the transcripts, you need one position in public for the American people and but you need another private position --

PODESTA: No. I think that in the context of this, what she has said to them was they were playing with fire, and in the mortgage market with credit default swaps should get a fairer tax code by eliciting, getting rid of carried interest. That Dodd/Frank would be enforced and she has gone further than that in this campaign. So I think she's been, even though she represented New York, she's been tough on Wall Street. She'll continue to be tough on Wall Street and I think that's what her speeches have indicated. Look at the commentary's people are surprised when he look at the whole basket to find that, that the reformers are kind of pleased and the people on Wall Street kind of nervous. There's a reason for that. Because she's going to be tough on Wall Street.

BLITZER: In one of the emails you called Bernie Sanders a "doofus," did you?

PODESTA: Well, I have great respect for Bernie Sanders, there was a moment where he opposed the Paris Deal... I was frustrated with him, but he and I have a very good relationship... and I have great affection for him, but I do think when he criticized the Paris agreement, I didn't think it was the right position.

BLITZER: I'll take that as a yes.

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