Brazile: Trump's Claim Election Is Rigged Is "Tactical," To Distract When He Is Losing


Donna Brazile, interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, talks with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow about how positive polling for Clinton is guiding strategy for the remainder of the 2016 election season, how the campaign is dealing with the constant drip of stolen e-mails, and her opponent's claim that the election could be "rigged."

"I think it is tactical," she said about Trump's rigged election claim. "Voting is the life blood of our democracy. And when you have Republican Secretaries of State say: Hello, we are conducting a free, fair, open and honest discussion. When you have election officials and others who have been deeply involved in preparing for election day scratching their heads and saying what is he talking about?"

"I think every time Donald Trump takes scrutiny or a challenge from Secretary Clinton on his policies or on releasing his taxes, he goes to try to frighten people and divide people," she said about Trump's rigged election claims. "It is time for him to make a better closing argument than calling upon... our election process."

"I've been involved in more campaigns than many Americans, and I can tell you that we have tried to make the voting more accessible. We have tried to give people, especially working people, two or three days to cast their ballots."

"We don't want everyone to just show up on election day, because sometimes it is difficult to get time. So I'm very positive that we have a lot of work to do."

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