Trump Challenges Media To Cover Story About FBI/State Department "Collusion"


Donald Trump released a video statement this afternoon about allegations contained in documents released by the FBI Monday morning suggesting that there was a "quid pro quo" between the FBI and State Department to declassify a Benghazi-related email found on Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

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DONALD TRUMP: This is very big and frankly it is unbelievable.

What was just found it is that the Department of Justice, the State Department, and the FBI colluded -- got together-- to make Hillary Clinton look less guilty and look a lot better than she looks.

This is one of the big breaking stories of our time, in my opinion. This shows corruption at the highest level, and we can't let it happen as Americans.

So, let's see how the press covers it. The press likes not to cover it, because the best thing Hillary Clinton has going is the media; without the media she wouldn't even be in this race.

This is collusion between the FBI, DOJ, and the State Department to try and make Hillary Clinton look like an innocent person when she is guilty of very high crimes.

Let's hope that our country gets a fair shake. This is a big mess.

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