Sheriff David Clarke: "Pitchfork and Torches Time In America"


DAVID CLARKE, MILWAUKEE COUNTY SHERIFF: Our government, our institutions are corrupt. Our IRS is going after law-abiding American groups who have different political views than the White House. The FBI, not the agents, but the higher-ups at the FBI colluding with the Clinton campaign. And it's just amazing to me that my tweets -- they're pretty good, by the way -- my tweets get more attention from the lame-stream media than Julian Assange and Wikileaks are getting right now.

I'll tell you what Wikileaks has got to be envious with all the attention my tweets are getting. I said the other day maybe they should have started out each week with this phrase: it is pitchfork and torches time in America!

I tell you what, I've been to a lot of rallies all across the United States and I cannot believe the enthusiasm and the energy that Donald Trump's supporters are exhibiting right now. This is amazing. And being a veteran of elections I know that come election day your base has to be highly motivated, highly energizing. You want them almost enraged where they can't wait to get to the polls to cast a vote for Donald J. Trump...

Stay strong. Find new voters. Get them to the polls. Like I said, and I will continue to say, it is pitchfork and torches time in America!

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