Woodward: Hillary Can't Govern Under "Culture Of Concealment," Can't Walk Away From "Trust" Question


Bob Woodward talked about Hillary Clinton's emails and how she will be unable to govern under a "culture of concealment." Woodward said if Podesta's emails can be hacked, imagine what could come from the 14,900 emails that Clinton did not turn over to the State Department. From Face the Nation:

JOHN DICKERSON, CBS NEWS: I've been talking to Clinton officials and they bring up the word Watergate. I ask you, they say, if Nixon had said, oh, this is great what they found by breaking in and I'm going to use this in my campaign, it would have been pretty shocking. They say people should be equally shocked at the Trump campaign using to good benefit the findings of this hacking process.

BOB WOODWARD: Well, but Watergate was a domestic crime, clearly a crime. In this case it's espionage, at least at this point. But I think you still have to look at what the e-mails tell us. And I by no means have read them all, but I have read some. And there was one where Hillary Clinton's chief speechwriter sent to Cheryl Mills, the chief of staff in the State Department saying, 'Oh, Hillary's changing her position on the Keystone pipeline, and let's leak that so she won't have to say it herself publicly.'

Now, this is this culture of concealment, the failure to have straight talk, and it's quite likely Hillary Clinton's going to win and be the next president. I think the question becomes for her and for voters: is she going to be able to govern? You talk to lots of people who are her supporters, and they say, you know, she may be elected, but she will be a weak president. And part of this is she's got to kind of face and this isn't just about Trump. It's about her. A majority of the people distrust her, and she needs to -- she can't walk away from that question...

We don't know. If these people, Wikileaks or whoever is behind it can hack John Podesta, my God, getting to Hillary Clinton's e-mails, as the FBI now has told us there are 14,900 that were not turned over that have gone to the State Department, so you know, keep your seat belts on.

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