LZ Granderson: Hillary Clinton Is Off The Campaign Trail To Avoid Questions About WikiLeaks


ABC News contributor LZ Granderson connects the dots between WikiLeaks and Hillary Clinton not planning to make any public appearances for the next 20 days (outside of Wednesday's debate).

LZ GRANDERSON: From what I've read so far -- and I haven't gone through all 1,100 emails that were just released, but if tried to go through as many as I could before today, this would have been very damaging to her if this was during the primary against Bernie Sanders, extremely damaging.

But because this is coming out now, she can manage and she manages by, one, sending out her surrogates; two, not saying anything which is why -- why we don't see her. I know there's -- that the campaign is saying she's preparing for the debate. I think she's also avoiding these questions that you asked Tim Kaine earlier.

And then three, she needs to be able to, when she reemerges, to not talk about WikiLeaks.

So what do you do?

You talk about the economy, you talk about immigration, you talk about the area where you're completely split with Donald Trump to remind people of the issues. The more you talk about the issues, the less people are going to be focusing on the WikiLeaks and the more her surrogates are going to handle the questions in terms of the video and him being a sexist.

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