Giuliani: WikiLeaks Is Very Refreshing, "This Is The Hillary Clinton I Always Knew Existed"


In an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN's 'State of the Union,' Rudy Giuliani said that WikiLeaks has revealed the lying socialist Hillary Clinton he "always knew existed." He also said: "I've always known she was a liar and over and over again a phony."

"I find WikiLeaks very refreshing," he said.

RUDY GIULIANI: WikiLeaks told us what we'vs always known; that she prefers socialized medicine. I find WikiLeaks very refreshing. This is the Hillary Clinton I always knew existed. But I never had proof. People would say she's a socialist, and Ii would say 'OK, but you can't prove it.'

She was in Canada, talking to the Canadian bank or whatever, and says, 'I like your system, your socialized system of medicine a lot better than ours.'

'I say something private that's different than something public.' I've always known she was a liar and over and over again a phony. So those things are things that are being concentrated on also not just women.

Watch Giuliani's full interview via CNN:

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