Megyn Kelly to Trump Media Critics: We're Easy To Hate But What We Do Actually Is Important


(relevant portion begins at 2:10 mark)

Megyn Kelly talked about the treatment Donald Trump receives in the media on the Friday edition of her FOX News show. "The media we're easy to hate," but "what we do actually is important," Kelly said. From Friday's broadcast of the Kelly File:

MEGYN KELLY: Uh-hm. Uh-hm. By the way, do we have that sound bite on Hillary? We had that cued up just a bit ago. Do you guys have that? Okay. We're going to get it. Howie, it's to the points now where there is swastika signs showing up about the press at the Trump rallies. The committee to protect journalists has condemned Trump now, saying, like this is too far. There is -- I get it, the media we're easy to hate but there is a First Amendment and what we do actually is important.

HOWIE KURTZ, FOX NEWS HOST, "MEDIABUZZ": Yes. And clearly Trump is whipping up a lot of sentiment among his base against the media. Look, it is fair for Donald Trump to question whether this is media overkill. There is virtually no other campaign story right now. But there is zero evidence that Carlos Slim because he owns a bunch of stock has anything to do with the editorial decisions of The New York Times. There is zero evidence of coordination among the different news organization --

KELLY: Doesn't seem to matter anymore.

KURTZ: Excuse me?

KELLY: That doesn't seem to matter anymore. Right? I mean, this is the year you can say anything.

KURTZ: Well, yes. But I'm trying to provide a reality check here. And the fact is, these women, we don't know whether they're telling the truth or not. As you said earlier. But they're going on the record, they're risking their reputations. And for Trump to be denouncing this media as part of a smear campaign, what it does is it really pleases his base but I don't know where it's adding any more votes to his column.

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