Pence: Trump Campaign Is About To Release Evidence Disproving Assault Allegations


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence appeared on Friday morning's 'Fox & Friends' to deny allegations against Donald Trump.

MIKE PENCE: These unsubstantiated allegations came from the New York Times and People Magazine... Donald Trump has categorically denied them. There will be more evidence coming out that supports his--

The campaign is working on bringing that information out...

At the time, many in the national media are chasing after these unsubstantiated allegations, it’s remarkable to me they literally continue to literally ignore the hard evidence that’s flowing out of Hillary Clinton’s years of secretary of state and the Clinton Foundation. I mean, whether it’s a speech supporting socialized medicine in Canada, a paid speech supporting open borders in Brazil.

PENCE: I honestly think that there’s something missing in the polling these days. I think Donald Trump has made a connection to the frustrations and aspirations of everyday Americans like no one in my lifetime has since Ronald Reagan. When you see against this avalanche, present company excepted here at Fox News, but this avalanche of negative media coverage that goes chasing after every potential negative story about Donald Trump, still you see ten of thousands of people coming out at rallies. There’s a determination out there across the country to change the direction of this nation.

Full interview:

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