Megyn Kelly Likens Women Accusing Trump of 'Bad Behavior' to Bill Clinton: "Nobody Was Ever Found Guilty"


From Wednesday's broadcast of the Kelly File on the FOX News Channel:

MEGYN KELLY: Let's speak about this in a larger sense and I do want to underscore that Trump has denied these allegations. Both campaigns are in a pickle because the Clinton wants to say, oh, you know, these women who accused Bill Clinton, nobody was ever found guilty and never had a successful lawsuit, it was 30 years ago. Well these women they never had a lawsuit, and the truth is that victims of sexual assault, victims of rape, victims of unwanted groping they often don't come forward. They are humiliated. Especially back in the day they were told, 'move along, it happens to all women. You've got to take it.' It's a complicated --

DANA PERINO: Because it would hurt your career.

KELLY: That's right. It's a complicated situation. Though the 22-year-old secretary at Trump Tower is like, 'it's Donald Trump.' It's not to say it's real. I'm not -- I don't know whether it happened or not. I'm just saying that these matters are complicated.

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