Jennifer Granholm: "Slow Drip" of WikiLeaks Releases Implies They Are "Doing Someone's Bidding"


On "With All Due Respect," former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm discusses the release of hacked e-mails messages by WikiLeaks and how big a threat it is to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

"I don't think it is-- from what I've seen, there just isn't much there there, so there is really not much to be worried about," she said.

"I think the bigger concern is why is WikiLeaks dripping this out so slowly? WikiLeaks is supposed to be this entity that releases things to the public. What is going on with this slow drip? It certainly lends to the suspicion that WikiLeaks is doing some bidding on behalf of perhaps Trump through Russia, or Russia through Trump."

"The drip-drip-drip is frustrating from this perspective. That, Hillary Clinton is out there talking about the childcare tax credit. She is going high. She wants to have people understand the policies," she said.

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