Dana Loesch vs. April Ryan: "When Are We Going To Stop Playing The 'War On Women' Card?"


April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, debated Dana Loesch of The Blaze on Monday night's Hardball on MSNBC. Loesch argues that women voters understand some of Donald Trump's

"I have never owned a corporate beauty pageant," Loesch said about former 'Miss Universe' Alicia Machado. "But... if you are going to participate in a corporate beauty pageant, you have to realize that whether you like it or not, looks are part of the package."

"Why are we even talking about this?" she wondered.

"Because the guy [Donald Trump] has never had a job in politics, and this is all we've got," host Chris Matthews replied. "That's all we've got on this guy."

"Both candidates have issues," Loesch said. "You're not going to find anybody who is going to defend, or own what was in the Billy Bush... tape."

"Were you offended last night, as a woman?" Ryan asked Loesch.

"About what?" she replied. "What was there to be offended about during the debate last night?"

"At the debate, I don't think that Hillary Clinton was bullied last night, I don't think there was an attack on women at the debate last night... She's never been bullied in her career," Loesch said.

Ryan replies: "This is the first time ever a woman is a nominee, and for a man to say he would put the female nominee in jail if he is elected president, that is a whole different--"

"When are we going to stop playing the 'War on Women' card?" Loesch exclaimed. "We've got a female nominee, that's great. I think that, in a certain way, disproves the 'war on women' card."

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