Limbaugh: Trump May Have Said Lewd Things, But Democrats Have Elected and Celebrated People Who Do These Things


Rush Limbaugh weighs in on the second presidential debate and Donald Trump's lewd comments made on Access Hollywood in 2005.

"This is what it looks like when you take on the establishment. This is exactly what it looks like," Limbaugh said.

Transcript, via Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: All right, sir. That open-mic tape, let's just cut to the chase here. That open-mic tape is in a microcosm what this entire election is about. You're probably saying, "What?" Yeah, it is. That whole thing is exactly what Trump winning the nomination is about. Now, whether it's gonna see it through to victory in the presidential race remains to be seen.

I want to take you back to when I first heard about this, and I want to share with you my initial gut reaction to this, and then I attempted to -- I didn't have to try very hard because I am one of you -- I tried to put myself in the shoes of your average person on the Republican Party side that's supporting Trump. This is an election and Trump wins the Republican nomination precisely because a whole lot of Republicans are fed up with what? The Republican establishment and the Washington establishment, the elites and the way they do things and the way they run campaigns and the way they run Washington.

And I believe -- it was my first reaction and I was hoping it was the reaction of millions of people. Putting aside for a moment what was on that tape -- and, by the way, there will be more, folks, do not doubt. If they've got that, they've got more, so steel yourself. That's the point.

I think a whole lot of people are sick and tired of things like this determining the outcome of elections, these October Surprise kinds of things. It may not have been safe to say this back in the year 2000. It might not have been safe to say it in 2004, but a lot of ground has been covered, and there is so much hypocrisy on the left when you get to the subject matter of that open-mic tape, Access Hollywood, Trump running around there with Billy Bush. Who are the people expressing outrage over this?

The very people who applaud it and celebrated JFK, who had women trooped into the White House in droves. Bill Clinton, you go through the list of Democrats and entertainers who have made their names on the basis of infidelity and catting around and being celebrated and protected and lauded and held up as great people. "Hey, that's sex, it's not their job. Hey, that's just private life; it doesn't matter to their leadership."

There are serious issues facing this country. We are at a crossroads where many people think that the wrong decision by the people in November will doom this country to a generation of further decline, and it needs to be stopped. And this kind of way to derail a campaign or to win an election I just think, I hope, that it has people fit to be tied, and I hope there is going to be a giant backlash over it, because, ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you that it does not matter who the Republican Party nominates, this is what's gonna happen.

If they can turn Mitt Romney into a living, breathing devil, they can do it to anybody. Mitt Romney is, as I have said countless times before, one of the finest human beings, one of the finest men you will find alive today in terms of character, demeanor, manner, you name it. And what were they able to do to him? They were able to portray him as a guy who killed his dog by putting it on the roof of the station wagon; as a guy who didn't pay his taxes for ten years; as a guy who did not care that the wives of employees of his were dying because Romney didn't care enough about health care to give these people health care and they died of cancer.

If they were able to demonize Mitt Romney, and they demonized George W. Bush, they'll be able to demonize anybody. If this is the kind of way they go to win elections, they're never going to stop winning elections, if this is all it takes. And I think a number of people have become outraged by this. And I don't think there are very many, if at all, defections from Trump among his core supporters.

Now, we know he needs more than that. And I'm not making any predictions here as to what's happening, but you go to this debate last night, I'm telling you that the fact that after the first 20 minutes Trump was able to sweep this aside despite every -- that debate last night was about destroying Donald Trump's life. That debate and this whole episode was about destroying Donald Trump's future, his career, his business, his life. That debate and this whole release of that tape -- and I'm not excusing what's on it, but he's not the only person to ever speak this way. He's not the only person to ever seek office.

He may have said these things, but the Democrats have nominated and elected and celebrated people who do these things. And where is the outrage over it? You know, I find it ironic that the Democrat Party wants to throw down the morality card. The Democrat Party, which is responsible for the dissolution of morality in this country. The Democrat Party which is for all these progressive new attitudes in our culture, and now all of a sudden acting like a bunch of prudes, acting like, "Oh, my God, I have never been this outraged. Oh, this is just beyond the pale." These are the architects of this kind of stuff. If Trump were a Democrat, they'd be covering it up and privately inviting him to parties and yukking it up.

But the reason this happened -- and it's gonna happen again -- they can't afford. Folks, this is what it looks like. I kept telling people over the weekend when people were asking my opinion on it, I said, "This is what it looks like when you take on the establishment. This is exactly what it looks like." It isn't gonna be pretty. It isn't gonna be clean. It isn't gonna be pristine. The establishment, with everything they are invested in the establishment, remaining the establishment and in power, they're just it is not gonna sit back and trust this to your votes. They're not gonna trust this to an election, to a campaign. Not gonna trust it at all. They're gonna do everything they can to destroy whoever it is that wants to take control from them.

And in the process, they're gonna destroy that person so as to send a message to the next guy, "Don't even think about it. Don't even try. Look what we did to Donald Trump." "Look what we did to whoever," is the message. When this whole thing began -- when it became clear that what this was, was going to be an effort to unseat the elites, the establishment, whatever you want to call 'em -- you have to have a sober understanding of who they are and what it means to them. And they're not just going to throw it open to what they think is a fair election.

They can't control a fair election! I think that, given the circumstances in which this campaign is taking place and the various stages of challenges facing this country, this kind of throwdown, this kind of October Surprise... I have a feeling. I'm sure it depressed a number of you. "Oh, no, no. There we go again." After that, I am confident a whole slew of you got livid and angry and fed up that this is what always happens, and none of this has anything to do with the issues on which you have chosen to support Trump -- or not, depending.

And the people who have signed up for Trump, I can tell you, are livid that this is the kind of thing that always seems to end up determining the outcome of an election, and these are the kind of things that are never thrown down against Democrats. The Democrats get away with all of this hypocrisy, the left gets away with all of this hypocrisy. I was thinking over the weekend -- I was asking and I was thinking at the same time -- what are the odds that there's a potential backlash brewing over this kind of thing?

Because you can make book that this is the kind of thing that's gonna happen. They're gonna lie. They're gonna destroy. The left, the media, the state is going to destroy -- however they can -- anybody, every four years, on the Republican ballot, who claims to be seeking to unseat the state, Democrats and media complex. And like I say, folks, it's not insignificant. They did the same thing to Mitt Romney. In that case, they made it all up. But it stuck, didn't it? And they did it, did they?

So for everybody who's saying, "See, we gotta get rid of Trump, man! We gotta throw Trump overboard. Trump's damaged." They're gonna do it to any of you who try it. The same kind of thing is gonna happen to anybody and everybody. If you want to throw Trump overboard, you know what you ought to do? You ought to just concede the presidency to the Democrats and apologize for ever trying, and hope that they forgive you. Because that's the message being sent here. There isn't a single one. Ted Cruz, take your pick.

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