Krauthammer: Trump Salvages His Campaign With Debate Victory, Was Hanging By A Thread


Charles Krauthammer analyzes the second president debate on Megyn Kelly's FOX News show:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, he has shown himself as a reformed man. I'm not sure that a lot of people who bought it. But look, I think this debate reminds me of the famous headline in the Harvard Crimson, Harvard beats Yale 29-29. That was the football game where Harvard was the huge underdog and had a comeback in the fourth quarter with a very clever headline and a famous one.

Look, Donald Trump went into this debate with his campaign hanging by a thread, hemorrhaging, with governors, members of Congress running away. And had he not done well in this debate, his campaign was over. And that's why I think it turned out to be sort of on points, on merits, roughly a draw, but that for him is like for the Harvard football team, that was a win because it salvages his campaign. He's able to go on.

I think the effect it might have, I heard earlier people said, well, it didn't expand the tent, it didn't exactly expand his appeal to women, et cetera. But that's not what his task was. His task tonight was to save his campaign by stopping the hemorrhaging in the GOP. And I think we might see that over the next few days where, instead of a mass flight for the exit that might be reduced as a result of the fact that he had good moments and essentially in the second half of the debate had a more dominant presence.

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