Joy Behar: Hillary Could've Said "I Apologize To Those Tramps That Have Slept With My Husband"


On ABC's The View today Joy Behar said Hillary Clinton could have addressed the Clinton women in the debate audience by apologizing "to those tramps that have slept with my husband."

However, Behar later called Bill Clinton a "dog" and said Hillary knew he cheated on her numerous times and she stayed with him. Behar says men cheat on their wives all the time and they don't leave their husbands.

In fact, when the show's self-described conservative Jedediah Bila said the Republican nominee for president is not a good messenger because he denounced Paula Jones in the past, Behar said it was more defending Clinton than bashing Jones. Bila was not convinced and further criticized the real estate mogul.

"The biggest joke in all of this is that Trump has defended Hillary in the past on this issue," Bila said. "So he is not a good person."

"He defended Bill Clinton," Behar said of Trump. "He didn't think anything of what happened in the Oval Office."

However, Bila continued to criticize Trump after Behar hit Clinton harder, calling the real estate mogul an "opportunist" who "says what he needs to say to get the job."

"He was not someone out here saying Hillary's the bad guy; if you look back at footage Donald Trump spoke highly of Hillary Clinton," Bila said. "So what he is is a political opportunist... about this issue he has spoken highly of Hillary Clinton. So this is a guy who sees an opportunity to get ahead personally and says what he needs to say to get the job."

UPDATE (10/11/16): Behar apologizes

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