John Oliver Rips GOP: Trump Does Not Bear Burden Of His Conduct, You Made Him Party's Nominee


From Sunday's broadcast of HBO's Last Week Tonight with host John Oliver:

JOHN OLIVER: All of you have consistently supported him through some absolutely heinous shit.

In his very first campaign speech, he called Mexicans ‘rapists’ — and that was just the beginning. Because since then, he’s proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants; advocated for killing terrorists’ families, which is, by the way, a war crime; argued for waterboarding even if it doesn’t obtain information because — and I quote — ‘they deserve it anyway’; and just this week he stood by his claims that the Central Park Five were guilty despite the fact that DNA evidence has since exonerated them.

And all of you still thought that he should be president. So the only way that you get to be shocked and outraged now is if you were cryogenically frozen until Friday afternoon, and that Access Hollywood tape was the first thing you saw upon being reanimated. Anything less than that, and this is on you too.

(via Vox)

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