April Ryan: Trump Bringing Up Clinton Women "Politically Incorrect," News That's 20 Years Old


April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, called Trump's attack on Bill Clinton "politically incorrect" and something that happened 20 years ago. Ryan described the second presidential debate as "the lowest of lows."

"What happened was the lowest of lows last night," Ryan said of Sunday's presidential debate. "This is something, again, we 20 years ago. Hillary Clinton is on the stage. Hillary Clinton is running for president. Not her husband. This makes sense. This is politically incorrect what Donald Trump did. This is bringing a whole other level of gutter into this entire presidential election that is supposed to be raised above anything else, above the fray and now it's down in the gutter because of Donald Trump."

Ryan, however, said the debate was "not enough to seal the deal" for a Hillary Clinton presidency. Ryan remarked Clinton still has to wrap up support with "the minorities."

"No, it's not enough to seal the deal. She has to keep on trying. She has to get the millennials, the women, the minorities. She has to get a lot of people," Ryan commented.

Ryan reported Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) told her there is something "wrong" with any woman who plans to vote for Trump.

"There's a lot wrong on a lot of different levels," Ryan said of Trump bringing up the Clinton women. "I remember 20 years ago, I was here 20 years ago. We dealt with this back then. He wants to rehash it because, again, and I'm looking at this as damage control and him trying to find the wind beneath his wing to have confidence to walk into one of the most sacred of places, politics, into a debate stage, and that's what he needed to boost himself up to be able to face Hillary Clinton, who he's asking or saying that he wants her to go to jail if he becomes president."

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