Megyn Kelly on Staged Clinton Event: "And The Oscar Goes To...!"


On Thursday's edition of The Kelly File, Krystal Ball, Dana Loesch and Megyn Kelly discussed Hillary Clinton's campaign being busted planting a question at a town hall near Philadelphia this week.

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"It was completely staged," Loesch said about the event. "And if Hillary Clinton had any sense, this is what he reply would have been: 'Your mom or women in your family can teach you to have enough self-esteem that you don't have to rely on what a presidential candidate says.' It is incredibly ironic, because when I was her age, 15 years old, I was learning all about oral sex from Hillary Clinton's husband, because that was all the headlines. It is kind of ironic."

"The thing is, the reason it matter is: Are we watching something real or are we watching theater? And if we're watching theater, don't we have a right to know? With all due respect to Steve Harvey, who I like, it should have been disclosed that she was given the questions in advance," Kelly said later in the segment. "And if [Hillary Clinton] worked to have this question given to her, we should know. Is this theater?"

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"When I'm watching 'A River Runs Through It,' I know I'm watching a drama," Kelly added.

"How scary is Steve Harvey that you have to give him the question in advance?" joked Loesch. "He's the friendliest guy in America. If you can't handle Steve Harvey, you can't handle Vladimir Putin. It is total theater with the Clintons, everything is theater. I can't tell if I'm watching politics or a real time reality television-plus-Broadway show. Everything is so contrived about it, or about how she is going about it."

"As we watched it on Steve Harvey," Kelly said. "They unveiled that picture of her from 1961, and she was like: 'Oh, ohh!" And now we know they told her they were going to show it, they'd given her a copy of the picture, told her exactly where in the show they were going to bring it up."

"But it's like: 'And the Oscar goes to...'"

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