Lou Dobbs: WikiLeaks Prove Hillary Clinton Is Lying About "Everything She Says"


Weekly Standard Executive Editor Fred Barnes and Fox Business Channel's Lou Dobbs discuss the emails released by WikiLeaks hacked from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta's personal email account. Among the emails is a document detailing the most damaging things that she said in her paid speeches to Wall Street, one of which is her admission that she holds different "public and private" positions on issues.

LOU DOBBS, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Let me read this quote for everybody... If everybody is watching, you know, all of the backroom deals and discussions, you know, we get a little nervous to say the least. So you need both a public and private position.

I guarantee you are going to hear that quotation throughout this weekend. We're going to hear it numerous times during the presidential debate Sunday night.

Effectively acknowledging eeverything she says could potentially be the absolute inverse of what she means.

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