Niall Ferguson: Trump Represents A Choice Between Status Quo (SNAFU) And Change (FUBAR)


Author Niall Ferguson joins MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to discuss why he says it is tough to see what a Trump presidency may actually look like and the appeal of a nationalist populist. He says Hillary Clinton represents more of the status quo that people are fed up with, while Trump represents the chance to break and rebuild what is broken.

NIALL FERGUSON: Trump is more of a populist than a fascist, I don't agree with Andrew Sullivan that the Republic is in danger and tyranny is around the corner.

But I think it is terrible complication which encourages terrible simplification.

I downloaded all the policy papers from Hillary Clinton's website and read them all. It just seems like there is a four bullet point solution for everything...

It kind of spoiled my weekend, because up until that point I'd been fine thinking, obviously, Trump is dreadful, and I'm just going to have to take a deep breath and support Hillary Clinton. And then I took a look at her policy papers and thought, Jesus, is this it? This is the next 4-8 years?

Because it is increased expenditure... combined with increased taxation, all with increased regulation.

And I thought: I now know what the choice is. The choice in 2016 is between SNAFU, (situation normal all fouled up) more of the same. Or FUBAR, (fouled up beyond all recognition) which is the Trump option, where we F' it up beyond all recognition.

A lot of people are attracted to FUBAR, because they just can't stand any more SNAFU.

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