Keith Olbermann: Angry White Male Trump Voters Would Rather Burn The System Down Than See It Made Fair


Keith Olbermann launches an impassioned rant at Donald Trump and his angry, white male supporters.

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KEITH OLBERMANN: This campaign (unique in American history since at least the civil war, and if we are fortunate, it will be unique for another thousand years) has been framed by the media as by and large the anger of those who feel themselves, if not disenfranchised, at least excluded from the control of the nation their fathers and grandfathers once dominated, because they had built the playing field, and had not only tilted the playing field towards themselves, but had filled the other end with land mines, to disempower the minorities and the women.

The angry white male Trump voter would rather burn it down than accept Hillary Clinton. The angry white male Trump voter wants his country back. The angry white male Trump voter, to use their lunatic candidate's meaningless phrases, wants to 'win.' And to 'Make America Great Again.'


The angry white male Trump voters are not the only angry Americans right now, in fact they are not alone, they are not the majority, and they are not even the angriest.

It is time for the media, for the Mussolini-in-makeup Trump, for the world to recognize that Real Americans, liberals and conservatives driven together in common defense of this nation, Real Americans, the ones who believe in democracy, diversity, and innocence-until-proven guilty... we are angry too.

We have had enough of what this man Trump has made us look like to the world.

We have had enough of the hatreds he has unleashed. And the apologists in the media who have not stood up and told us what he is: A fascist who wants to end this democracy.

We have had enough of every third thing coming out of his mouth serving the goals of the terrorists, like ISIS. And the rogue nations like Russia.

We have had enough of every lie and excuse and contradiction...

We have had enough of the constant whining and bleating about how everything has been fixed and rigged against this man, to whom the difficulties of inheriting a fortune and a business are the equivalent of the bigotry against African-Americans. To whom giving money to his employees is as big a sacrifice as a mother and father losing their son in war, to whom the dating scene of the 1970s was his own personal Vietnam.

We have had enough of the casual cruelties and the unthinking dolts who applaud them. The boasts after the dead in Orlando, or the blood in the streets of Chicago, or of the discovery of bombs in New York.

We have had enough... of the attacks on every journalists, every columnist, every news organization unless they have recently run a poll favorable to him.

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