Clinton Adviser James Rubin: Pence 180 On Putin Revealed That Trump Is "Panic-Stricken" About Business Ties To Russia


The Clinton campaign's new media surrogate for foreign affairs James Rubin joins MSNBC's Craig Melvin to discuss Tim Kaine's performance in the vice presidential debate. Rubin served as Asst. Secretary of State in the Clinton administration. He suggests that the Trump campaign's new tough stance on Vladimir Putin proves that they are concerned about the question of Trump's ties to Russia.

JAMES RUBIN: [Tim Kaine] demonstrated to the viewers, to the world, that the Trump campaign must be panic-stricken about the question of Donald Trump's business relationships with Russia.

And I say that because I followed foreign affairs for 25 years. I've never seen a presidential campaign at the highest levels do a complete 180 degree turn on an issue of central importance: Russia.

Under the Trump version, the number one on the ticket, Vladimir Putin was a good leader, he'll look at lifting sanctions, Crimea might be allowed to join russia, we don't want to arm the Ukrainians to fight the Russians. That's the Trump version.

Suddenly we saw the Trump/Pence campaign do a complete 180. Suddenly something completely different. Pence saying Russia is dangerous. He even went all the way back to Russia is aggressive. He even went back to the Bush administration when he said that Russia invaded Georgia, remember that happened under President Bush.

So this idea of being tough on Russia, which is what Pence put forward, is a 180-degree turn from the Donald Trump we saw in the debate stage... a week ago.

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