Bill Clinton: "67-Year Low In The Rate Of People Being Killed By Illegal Gun Violence" Due to My 1994 Crime Bill


Bill Clinton defended the controversial crime bill he endorsed and signed as president of the United States in 1994 at a campaign stop for his wife Tuesday afternoon. Clinton defended his record after falling victim to a heckler.

"I'm not voting for candidates that sent millions of black people to prison," the heckler said to Clinton.

Clinton shot back, defending his wife, "Hillary didn't vote for the '94 crime bill even though Senator Sanders did."

Hillary Clinton was First Lady and was not a voting member of Congress until 2001.

"The facts are difficult there," Clinton said in his defense of the controversial crime bill. "You ought to think about it, if you’re really upset, that means you’re also upset that we had a 25-year low in the crime rate, a 33-year low in the murder rate."

"And listen to this, a 67-year low in the rate of people being killed by illegal gun violence. I’m pretty proud of that, and I think that was worth fighting for," the former president touted.

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